The Ribbers

Boss Hog's

Boss Hog's is a London, Ontario based company that provides comprehensive food services for those that enjoy the best in authentic barbeque.  While Boss Hog’s has a restaurant in London, most notably, they compete annually in Ribfests across the country with their three tractor-trailer stands. After winning more awards than any other barbeque company in the past few years, they recognize that they are considered to be the pride of the Canadian Ribfest Tour.

With “Taste the Smokin’ Difference” being their team’s motto, their utmost goal is to provide their patrons with the ultimate barbeque experience. They point out that “Season after season we become even more successful through consistency, atmosphere and a customer service that is next-to-none.”

Boss Hog’s expresses that “People continually ask what our secret is; and it’s actually pretty simple: the Rub, the Love and the God above!!!”

Gator BBQ

Gator BBQ has been delivering mouth-watering chicken, pulled pork and ribs to the hungry crowds of Rib Fests all across North America for over 30 years. Touring Canada and the Northern United States, the Smith family of Port Dover continue to win countless awards and events with their signature southern BBQ cuisine.

Gator BBQ was formed in 1983 by a gentleman from Naples Florida by the name of Don Brown (a.k.a. the King of Ribs).  Don was also the manager of Michelbobs Rib House in Naples Florida. The business changed hands several times and in 2006, Matthew and Louise Smith acquired Gator BBQ and haven’t looked back. It is now family-run business with children Kurt, Nick, Aaron and Alexis all contributing to its success.


The business now tours Ontario and the Northern U.S. States doing upwards of 30 Ribfests a year. 

Blazin BBQ

Blazin BBQ had its debut at S.A.R.S. STOCK in 2002, one of the largest benefit concerts and barbeque events in North America.  From that time, they have been building their reputation through Ribfests, concerts and corporate catering across Ontario.  Along the way, they have received many awards for their ribs, chicken, sauce and pulled pork.

Their mission is to create old southern style barbeque with a modern Canadian edge.  Through flair and showmanship, they strive to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere to keep their guests entertained.  They pride themselves in finding the freshest and finest quality ingredients available, ensuring that they present the best product to their valued guests.

Smoke & Bones

Smoke and Bones BBQ specializes in the art of Southern Style Barbecue, the real authentic, low and slow way of cooking food over wood fires and coals. Barbequing is done on their custom made BBQ smoker from the state of Georgia and always adds a special kind of flair to the event.

The business is located in North Vancouver BC and services the entire lower mainland.  Smoke and Bones caters to all sizes of events, including weddings, sports tournaments, festivals, family gatherings, and of course RibFests.  The business is also a competitive barbeque team which keeps up with current trends and specializes in whole roast pig or hog and whole lamb on a spit.