Volunteers are the backbone to the success of the Interior Savings Sunrise Rotary RibFest, as the RibFest is 100% volunteer driven. From the Planning Committee and the various sub-committees, to the people providing leadership and working at every venue during the three days, including the set and cleanup crew, everyone is donating their time to bring our visitors the best Kelowna weekend party around!

Why volunteer? By volunteering, you will be helping us show thousands of people a great time and you will be supporting our mandate of putting 100% of the RibFest proceeds into local community causes.  Plus, you will have fun; you will meet new people; and you will want the experience to never end! 

So go ahead, click on the link below.  Register as a volunteer to check out all the dates and shifts available.  Please note, this is a two tiered registration system – you put in the basic information first, then you will be sent a confirmation email to guide you to go in and add more good stuff, but not too much! 

The volunteer positions that are available include, but are not limited to: Cleaning Crew, Parking, Beverage Gardens – servers, cashiers, and wristbands, Raffle Ticket Sales, and Concessions.

If you have any inquiries regarding volunteering at the RibFest, you are

 welcome to contact Jane Fletcher at [email protected]