Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Interior Savings Rotary Sunrise Ribfest from September 16–18, 2016.  Please review the volunteer opportunities below and complete this form to submit your application. 

Follow these 6 steps to complete the sign-up process:

  1. Create an InitLive account here (click    near the bottom of the page. Download the iOS or Android app (optional).
  2. Fill out the Profile Details form and click  . You may be required to re-enter your name and contact information.
  3. Enter your qualifications by clicking on the first box, which will then allow you ro sign up for any position that requires those specific qualifications (e.g. SIR).
  4.  Click the "Pick & Request" tab  to see what tasks are available. Check the boxes  to add tasks.
  5. Click   .
  6. Follow the instructions to pick your shifts. You can check your schedule using the "My Schedule"   tab. 

Volunteers will be provided with an orientation for the position(s) assumed.

Don't forget to sign up for the very special "shift" called
Volunteer Appreciation Party!

If you are having difficulties with the volunteer software, 
please contact [email protected] by email so she can
either complete it for you or help you along.


Qualifications: Outgoing and social, ability to speak loudly

  • Greeter 
  • Hand out brochures 
  • Provide verbal information and directions
  • Lost and Found 
  • Maps 

Qualifications: Friendly, ability to impart information 

  • Watch accesses to park and beach 

Qualifications: Friendly 

  • Distribute Volunteer t-shirts 
  • Check-in and checkout for shifts 
  • Ensure Volunteer Break tent stocked
  • Take care of volunteers valuables 

Qualifications: Able to bend, alert, fun and friendly, safety conscious, get along well with children 

  • Monitor all entrances to bouncy castles 
  • Ensure safety of all participants 
  • Monitor games and Kid Zone activity  

Qualifications: Good hearing, ability to work with cash (some positions), able to stand for entire shift, must have Serving It Right certification 

  • Pourers and Servers 
  • Cashiers 
  • Restocking (ice, beverages)
  • Affixing wristbands at entrances 

Qualifications: Friendly, ability to bend and walk, eye for detail 

  • Garbage and Recycling
  • General cleanup  
  • Raffle sales 
  • Coverage (Shift fillers)
  • Running errands  

Qualifications: Friendly, helpful 

  • Assist Entertainers and help with seating arrangements