Thank you for helping support Ribfest 2017!

Please use the portal below to register,

or click the red button to open the registration site in a new tab.

Further instructions will be emailed to you.

Please also review the notes below for more information.

Information for Selecting Voluntary Positions


Register as a volunteer individually and then submit your registration.  Once your email is verified, you can go back in and see all the shifts that have vacancies.  If you have any problems with this, email [email protected] as Jane should be able to fix the problem from her end.


IF you just cannot figure out this system, please email [email protected] with your availabilities and choices of duties, along with your preferred contact number (for text messages) and your full name.  Jane can manually enter you and send you back a confirmation.  Due to the large volume of volunteers, please do not expect or request a phone call.


Please note, we always need a lot of volunteers so we hope that you will talk to your family members and friends to encourage them to sign up for at least one shift.  The registration process for volunteering has been slow getting up and running due to not being able to determine the exact hours until recently, so the PUSH IS ON.


Volunteers will receive water, coffee, and snacks, and their name will be added for prize draws for every shift worked.  ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE ASKED TO CHECK IN AND OUT EVERY DAY!


You will receive a draw ballot for every shift you work!  (prizes)


New this year:

  • You are able to use the same email address to register another family member.
  • Ignore the request for FoodSafe, Criminal Record Check, Dinner, and t-shirt sizes.  If you have SIR, please enter the number, even if you aren’t volunteering to serve beverages.
  • Remember to enter Sunrise Rotary as the Group Name in your profile so that we can track the hours.
  • T-shirts will not be provided as you will receive a pinnie (sleeveless sports jersey) that you will put over the top of whatever you are already wearing so you a) don’t have to change and b) don’t have to wash anything for the next shift.  You will be returning the pinnie at the end of your shifts and, since it’s a neon yellow/green, you hopefully won’t forget you’re wearing it!
  • If a shift doesn’t have the ADD button beside it, it is full.


Types of Volunteer positions available:

  • Cashier-Concession – There is a need for two (2) volunteers per shift to take cash for non-alcoholic drinks, cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and corn on the cob.  This is a sitting position. 
  • Cleaning Crew – The Ribfest requires nine (9) volunteers per shift to man the recycle stations, to deliver sorting materials to those stations, to move garbage bags to the assigned garbage area, and to wipe tables.  The volunteers should be mobile or able to stand for a couple hours at a time. 
  • Entrance-Beverage Gardens – Two (2) volunteers are required per shift to man each side of the family and adult beverage gardens and to place wristbands.  The volunteers will be accompanied by paid Security. 
  • Events Attendant – Only One (1) volunteer is required for most shifts.  The volunteers will accompany any lined up special events.
  • KidZone-Balloons – Two (2) volunteers per shift are needed to walk around selling pig balloons.
  • Parking Attendant – Three (3) volunteers are required per shift to supervise the entrance to the narrow end of the parking lot, the entrance to the beach access road, and the entrance near the music stage.  Volunteers may bring chairs, books, etc. as there will be periods of quiet times. 
  • Seller-Raffle Tickets – We require three (3) to five (5) travelling ticket sellers to wander the grounds (One may be seated if a location is determined).
  • Server-Beverage Gardens –Volunteers must have SIR (Serving It Right).  Please note on your profile when registering for shifts.  This is usually the most fun spot on the grounds – making people happy by serving them wine, cider and beer!
  • Server-Concession – This is the 2nd most fun spot to work at because you will be making and serving popcorn, candy floss, shucking corn, cooking hot dogs, and handing out drinks. 
  • Server-VIP – There is a short window on Friday for six (6) volunteers to serve ribs and non-alcoholic drinks to special invitees.
  • Supply – This is another enjoyable place to volunteer as you have the opportunity to drive carts and load supplies in and out of the reefer truck.  Three volunteers are needed – two to drive and one to load and stay at the reefer truck. 
  • Volunteer-Floater – This is our best ‘cya’ position as you will serve wherever the greatest need is.  You could have fun doing all kinds of things.  This is a job for you if you like variety!
  • Volunteer Tent – Four (4) volunteers are required per shift to dogsit, man the Lost and Found and Information section of the tent, hand out refreshments to volunteers, and check volunteers in and out.  This is a good position for those who prefer to sit while still being actively engaged.  Of course, our volunteers must be friendly.
  • Labour-Setup – Six (6) volunteers are required to move tables and chairs on Thursday afternoon, and six (6) more on Friday to clean the tables and chairs in preparation for our guests. 
  • Labour-Teardown – As many as possible are required Sunday evening to move tables and chairs to a specified spot for their pickup Monday a.m.  Additionally, six (6) to ten (10) volunteers are required Monday morning for general site cleanup.